Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Safeway 101: How the Krazy Coupon Lady shops Safeway

Safeway is a great place to coupon shop. It fits the standard MO we watch for when choosing a store: high regular prices, but lots of sales, gimmicks and promos. When we play the games & promos and stack our coupons with those gimmicks, we can achieve great savings at Safeway! Safeway sales run on a Wednesday-Tuesday basis.
First step, you'll need a Safeway Club Card.

Download a copy of the club card application here, fill it out and return it to your store.

Second step: Learn the kinds of coupons accepted by Safeway.

Manufacturer Newspaper coupons:
These coupons are found in the free standing inserts in your Sunday paper: Smart Source, Red Plum and Proctor & Gamble.

Printable Coupons: Safeway accepts printable coupons. They have a widely unenforced printable coupon policy here which excludes printables worth over 1/2 of an items value. This rule is in place to fight fraudulent coupons (since just about all fraudulent coupons are high value). I've inquired with Safeway marketing dept to see if they will consider re-thinking this rule. I almost never hear of it being enforced anyway, and there are better ways to fight fraud- try training your checkers to tell the difference between a legitimate printable and a fake. I use my printable coupons regardless of the percentage value of the item. If your store enforces this rule, you're out of luck.

E-Coupons: Load these coupons directly onto your club card. When you swipe the card or present your phone number to the cashier, you will automatically receive the savings & you can see them on your receipt. E-coupons are only good on one product; you cannot buy 10 of the same and expect the savings on more than one. The cash register will still accept a manufacturer coupon in addition to an e-coupon, but they both are manufacturer coupons. I'm guessing that as e-coupons become more mainstream they'll find a way to limit this use. For now, the e-coupon websites say things like "they don't suggest" using e-coupons with manufacturer coupons-- whatever that means. . . There are 4 E-coupon providers:
  • Cellflire: Cellfire has lots of coupons that can help you save loads of money! Sign up for Cellfire, it's free!
  • Upromise: really great coupons here! Instead of receiving cash off your purchases, your savings goes into your Upromise account, where it can earn interest for tax-free college savings, pay off student loans or receive a check for college expenses! Sign up for free!
Catalina Coupons: At Safeway, you'll find the gray Catalina machines sitting at the registers. These machines dispense long, receipt-like coupons. Don't let your cashier forget to hand them to you! Catalina coupons may be store or manufacturer coupons. You may receive a catalina worth $2 off your next purchase of $10 from the produce section. Or you may get a catalina for $1.00 off planters nuts, it just depends on the coupon. The catalinas at Safeway must always be redeemed at Safeway (unless you have a local store who accepts competitor coupons).

Store Coupons:
Safeway calls them 'Super Coupons'. Find them in the weekly store ad- in your Wednesday newspaper or located in the front of the store. Safeway allows using one store and one manufacturer (all the above mentioned coupons are manufacturer coupons) per item. This means you can stack a Safeway store coupon with a manufacturer coupon one one product. Super-coupons require a minimum purchase of $20.00. The minimum purchase is your sub-total before using any coupons. If your subtotal is $20.49 and then you redeem $10.00 worth of coupons, you may still use super-coupons. Store coupons often have limits. These limits are per shopping trip. You may use another store coupon when shopping again the next day, etc.

Printable Store Coupons: Safeway has some great printable store coupons. Find them here. Please note, only the first six to ten coupons are Safeway store coupons. The rest are standard manufacturer coupons, the same that you'll find on our coupon database.

Step Three: Wait for the stars to align

Wait until the sale price or promotion matches your coupon, so you can save big!

Safeway runs Catalina promos like: Spend $25, save $10 on your next shopping order. When we combine a deal like this with coupons, we can yield those really high savings of over 70%. Whenever you see a minimum purchase like "spend $25, remember that total is the subtotal you must reach before redeeming any coupons. If you can spend $25 and redeem $12 worth of coupons, you'll still receive a $10 catalina good on your next shopping order.

You will also see promos like this: Buy 5 select products, receive $5 on your next shopping order. Krazy Coupon Ladies separate their transactions, buying 5 products at a time and then roll the "$5 on your next shopping order" catalina from one transaction to the next.

Does your Safeway double?

Many Safeway stores double coupons, usually $0.50 and under. This is subject to regional competition & you'll need to watch your weekly ads or inquire at your store as to whether your store doubles. I'm jealous! California stores do not double.


Nichole said...

Yeah, Alaska doesn't double either :(

Austin said...

I've never heard of printable safeway store coupons. you say they're "posted here". Where are they posted? Can you put a link? Or maybe you just mean that you post them on your site in general?

Anonymous said...

I read the Safeway super coupons to say that a $20 minimum purchase qualifies you for all coupons. Meaning you don't have to cut out and hand those coupons to the cashier. But if you aren't making a $20 purchase, you can cut each specific coupon and use them. I have done this and it has worked.

Joanie Demer said...

I meant to link the word "here". It's done now, so you can go check out the six printable Safeway coupons. This week's matchups will post at 4:00 MST.

Hmmmm, I think they put the $20 minimum so you have to purchase more from their store, not just run in for one cheap loss leader item. I haven't clarified this rule though. Next time I call Safeway I'll ask, but I'm not going to make a call over it right now, cause you always have to hold at least 10 minutes, (or at least it feels like ten minutes!)

Thanks for your input!

Leah said...

So here is a crazy thing...I just moved to Southern California from Central and my Vons doubles...I was so excited. They don't advertise but when I looked over reciept there is was "double coupon"

cal said...

California does double up to a dollar value-- so if the coupon is 50 cents it will double it to 1.00 if the coupon is .75 cents it will still only double up to the value of 1.oo total, etc. -- but its better then nothing!

I was curious though-- on the "online" coupon sites such as Cellfire-- if more then 1 site has the same coupon- does it subtract for each or just 1 of them? For example this week I see the nature valley coupons on more then 1, so when I am at the register will it take off automatically for cell fire and shortcuts?

kleinsjambn said...

Do you know if you are able to use an in store coupon and a manufacturer's coupon at Safeway. I asked them and they said no, but I'm never sure that they know what they're talking about.