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Walgreens 101: How the Krazy Coupon Lady shops Walgreens

Secrets to Success at Walgreens

Walgreens has many ways to get Krazy! With a combination of in-ad coupons, manufacturer coupons, Register Rewards and Sale Items,
you can often “get paid” to shop at Walgreens.

In Ad Coupons:

When you flip through the pages of a Walgreens circular, you will see many “in-ad” coupons. These are store coupons that typically set the price of the item- and will usually impose a limit to the number you can buy. These coupons will come out in the Sunday Paper and will be good through the following Saturday. It is Walgreen’s policy to allow you to use a store coupon in conjunction with a manufacture r coupon on one item.

Register Reward Program:

Walgreen’s has a “Catalina” program called Register Rewards. A Register Reward is a coupon that prints after you make a qualifying purchase. It is typically good for “X” amount off of your next transaction. Pictured below is what the ad will look like in the Walgreen’s Circular. When you buy the advertised item, after paying, you will receive a coupon (Register Reward) to use on your next purchase. You can make this a “money maker” buy using manufacturer coupons as well.

Here is a Money Makin’ Scenario for the ad pictured:
True North Nut Crisps or Clusters $3.00
Buy 1, Earn a $3 Register Reward

Use the $1.00/1 – True North Product – (
Pay $2.00 Out of Pocket, and receive the $3.00 Register Reward.

Register Reward FAQ

Q: Will more than one register reward print out on the same transaction (buy 2 different products that each have a register reward)?
A: If you buy two (or more) DIFFERENT register reward items in one transaction, one reward will print for each different product that you have. However, if you buy two of the SAME item, only one Register Reward will print. So, if you are wanting to buy 2 of the Same product to trigger a Register Reward, do separate transactions.

Q. Can I use the RR that I received from item “X” to buy the same item “X”
A: This is known as “rolling” Catalina’s and can not be done, if you want another Register Reward to print. To best way to get around this, and keep your out of pocket expense low, is to find 2 different products that trigger the same value Register Reward and alternate buying those items in separate transaction, paying for the 2nd transaction with the first register reward, and so forth.

Q. Can I buy 1 item, and use 1 manufacturer coupon and 1 Register Reward Coupon to pay?
A. At Walgreen’s their registers will not allow you to have more coupons than items. If you have 1 item that you are buying, and you are paying with 1 manufacturer coupon and 1 Register Reward, you will need to add a “filler” item. This applies to all coupons. If you have in-ad coupons, manufacturer coupons and Register Rewards- just do a quick count of items and coupons. Make sure that you have at least one more item than you do coupons. Look for a clearanced item, pack of gum, individual caramel or Sunday newspaper to add as a filler item.

In Store Coupon Booklets:

Walgreen’s is also known for their in store coupon booklets. One that they almost always have is the Children’s Activity Booklet. They s ale available for purchase for $.99 and can usually be found in the pharmacy. Inside are store coupons that will usually have a total value of around $20. Also keep your your eye out for other seasonal coupon booklets.

Remember the Order:

Here is what we have found is the best order to hand the cashier your coupons. This way will allow for any possible overage:

1.Manufacturer Coupons
2. Walgreen’s In-Ad Coupons
3. Register Rewards

This order works especially well in a scenario like this:

{BUY 2} Dentyne Gum Regular Price $1.00 each
-Manufacturer coupon for Buy 1, Get 1 FREE (or -$1.00)
-Walgreen’s In Ad Coupon for 2/$1 (or-$1.00)
Final Price: FREE

Here’s what it would look like if you gave them the in-ad coupon first:

{BUY 2} Dentyne Gum Regular Price $1.00 each
-Walgreen’s In Ad Coupon for 2/$1 (or-$1.00)
-Manufacturer coupon for Buy 1, Get 1 FREE (or -$.50)
Final Price: $.50

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Mary Jane said...

I have a question. I went to the Walgreens at the corner of Overland and Meridian and used a manufacturer coupon on an item that was suppose to print a RR. The RR didn't print. I told the cashier that a RR should have printed. She asked the manager and he said that a RR was like a manufacturer coupon so if you use a coupon then a RR will not print. He said that being able to use both was a glitch in the system that he has fixed at his store. I know I can use both at the Walgreens at Overland and 5 mile but I live closer to the other one and now I'm afraid to try it again. Any words of advice?