Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Uggs! 80% Off

I am not sure if there are any fellow Ugg Lovers out there, but if so-
Ugg's Lover's (and Cheapskates) Rejoice!
6pm.com has their Ugg's discounted to 80%, which makes this lovely:
Only $40!

Go HERE to browse the Women's Selection!
{Your husbands can thank me later}


Julene said...

If you go through cashbaq.com you can get 5% back too. Even better deal!

Diana said...

cashbaq? thanks!

Diana said...

I guess those boots are gone :(

The SoCal Mom said...

Are all the boots gone?

Maggie said...

Oh Darn! These would have been perfect for my sis-n-law's Christmas... but it looks like they're gone.

Super cute baby boots though if anyone could use those!