Saturday, September 12, 2009

Walgreen's Week of 9/13

- You can't use a RR on the same product you got it from. For example- this week if you buy the Goody Hair Bands and a RR prints, you can't buy more Hair Bands, use the RR, and have a new Register Reward print. You can however Use the Goody RR to buy the Garnier. You could do multiple transactions with those 2 products and just swap RR's.
- Also, remember you have to have more products than manufacturer coupons, including Register Rewards. If you are buying Ban Deodorant and using a manufacturer coupon and a RR it won't let you unless you add a "filler" item (like a cheap pencil or piece of candy or a Sunday newspaper!)
-Here is what we have found is the best order to hand the cashier your coupons. This way will allow for any possible overage! 1.Manufacturer Coupons,2. Walgreen's In-Ad Coupons, 3. Register Rewards

Walgreen's FAQ Post HERE

Krazy Coupon Deals

Hefty One Zip Bags, B1G1 FREE or 2/$3.29
Use the $1/1 Hefty One Zip Bag RP 8/30
Final Price: $0.65- $1.15 depending on if you can use 2 coupons or 1

Keebler Cookies $1.99
$1.00/1 (IE) - Keebler Cookies - (
$1.00/1 (FF) - Keebler Cookies - (
Final Price: $0.99

Lindsay Olives $0.99 after in-ad coupon
$1.00/2 – Lindsay Olives – (
Final Price: $.49 each

Kashi Cereal 2/$5.00
$1.50/1 (IE)- Kashi Cereal or TLC Snack - (
$1.50/1 (FF)- Kashi Cereal or TLC Snack - (
Final Price: $1.00 each

Progresso Soup 4/$5.00 after in-ad coupon
$1.00/3 - Progresso Soups - (
$1.00/3 - Progresso Soups - (
$1.00/3 - Progresso Soups - (
Final Price: $1.00 each

Arm & Hammer Toothpaste (select varieties) B1G1 FREE or 2/$4.39
Use the $3/2 coupon from SS 8/16
Final Price: $0.70 each

Krazy Register Reward Deals

True North Nut Crisps or Clusters $3.00
Buy 1, Earn a $3 Register Reward
$1.00/1 – True North Product – (
Final Price: FREE after coupon and RR

Murine Ear Drop Kit .5 oz $6.00
Buy 1, Earn a $6 Register Reward
Final Price: FREE after RR

Advil PM $4.49
Buy 1, Earn a $2 Register Reward
$2.00/1 – Advil PM – (
Final Price: $0.49 after coupon and RR

Crest with Scope Toothpaste 2/$8.00
Buy 2, Earn a $5 Register Reward
Use the $1/1 from PG 8/30
Final Price: $0.50 each after 2 coupons and RR

Band Aid Tough Strips or Ultra strips $2.49
Buy 2, Earn a $3 Register Reward
Use the $1/1 from SS 8/2
Final Price: FREE after 2 coupons and RR

Softsoap Nutriserum Bodywash 2/$8.00
Buy 2, Earn a $4 Register Reward
Use the $1/1 from SS 8/30
Or use the $1.00/1 Softsoap - (
Final Price: $1.00 each after coupons and RR

Garnier Hair Color $5.00 each
Buy $20 (4), Earn a $10 Register Reward
Use (4) $2/1 from RP 8/16, RP 9/13
Final Price: $0.50 each after 4 coupons and RR

Monthly Register Reward Deals

Aquafresh Iso Active Toothpaste $3.49
Buy 1, Earn a $1.50 Register Reward
$1.00/1 - Aquafresh Iso-Active Whitening - (
Final Price: $0.99 after coupon and RR

Carefree Ultra Protection Pantiliners $1.99
Buy 1, Earn a $1.99 Register Reward
$1.00/1 – Carefree Ultra Protection Liners (
Final Price: FREE Plus $1.00 Money Maker after coupon and RR

Trident Layers Gum at $1.00
Buy 2, Earn a $1 Register Reward
$1.00/2 – Trident Gum – (
Final Price: FREE after coupons and RR

Sally Hansen Nail Polish $2.99 (prices may vary)
Buy 3, Earn a $5 Register Reward (good on your next purchase of SallyHansen)
Use 3 $1/1 coupons from 8/2, 8/23
Final Price OOP: $5.97


Alison said...

The Walgreens ad in Utah had Schick Quattro Razors on Sale BOGO. I called to get the regular price and they're 9.99. If you use 2 4/1 you can get 2 razors for $2!

Amber Red said...

I believe that listerine also is free buy one for 2.99 and get a 3.00 RR
Thanks for all your help with this

Amber Red said...

Alison- what insert is that 4$ coupon in?

Suzette said...

On the front page of the Walgreens ad "Wal-Zyr" and "Wal-itin" are on sale for $4 each. On the front of the September coupon book there are coupons for $5 off Wal-itin and Wal-zyr. I've never seen this where there is a store coupon at Walgreens that the coupon is less than the product. I haven't been there yet to see if this is going to work.

Alison said...

I went today and the Triminic Night Time cough and cold is spitting out 2 $5 RR not just 1!! I bought 2 and used the $2/1 from the Healthy Saving booklet and paid $6.00 and got back $10!! It's only working on the Night Time Cough and Cold. I guess it's a glich in the system.
Amber I believe the Schick razor coupon is in the SS 8/23. I bought six in one store and they took all 6 coupons but when I went to another Wags they wouldn't let me. I've always had problems at that store with coupons. So stay away from the North Ogden UT store!!

Amber Red said...

Thanks Alison! And no problemo I live in Lynnwood WA :)

Unknown said...

I thought W.G. changed their policy that u could not a Q on the free product.